Friday, December 30, 2011

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Seduction

Just a quick post about my recent purchase! This is Victoria's Secret Bombshell Seduction Perfume! It is limited edition and I thought it was gone but I checked two of the stores in my city and they are well in stock! AND AT 50% OFF!! I purchased the perfume for 26$ plus tax. They also have the body mist and lotion! If you are a fan of the bombshell line then you probably are well aware of this already, but if not, I recommend you run to your closest VS store and snag yours right away!

Now the review: The Bombshell original perfume is so perfect. In my opinion, it is the perfect mix of floral and fruity, which I love! There has been two other limited edition bombshell perfumes this past year- summer and temptation. All of the limited editions are a twist of the original. Summer is more tropical, temptation is more floral, and I would say seduction is more clean/fresh. On the label it says it has notes of Velvet magnolia, warm musk and sparkling grapefruit. I think it is more for older women since it is more musky.. but I don't know! It's quite indescribable!

I love it a lot and am looking forward to and hoping for more bombshell perfumes!! Thanks for reading! Hope this review was good :)

PS le boyfriend loves this scent too! :)

Matcha (Green Tea) Swiss Roll with Red Bean Filling

Hello anybody who is reading!
The other day, I made a green tea jelly roll cake. It was my second time making it and I was determined to make it better! I used this recipe : Matcha Roll Cake and it worked out perfectly! For the filling, instead of just using a plain cream filling, I added a can of red beans because my family loves red bean! Also, there is a local bakery that makes green tea swiss roll with red bean filling, so that was what inspired me to bake one myself! I figured we would save money and it would be very fresh! (as opposed to who knows how long the cakes in the bakery has been sitting there for!)
And for dinner I made spinach and mushroom quiche! A family favorite! :)

Dry Ingredients
I'm not a big fan of sifting.. but it REALLY does work! This recipe called for sifting the dry ingredients THREE times and let me tell you, it makes a huge difference!! Last time I didn't sift at all and it was just a bad texture. Just look at these pictures and you can see the difference! This was after sifting once...
Sifting twice...
Sifted the third time! Looks so good I don't wanna touch!
Egg Yolks
Egg Whites Not too dry
Pour batter...
Super springy! Fresh out of the oven for 8 minutes exact
Spreading the red bean cream.. yummm
Voila! A little breakage.. but that's cause I was so excited!!
Quiche for Dinner!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas!

Yesterday I went downtown to see if anything was good at any of the stores. After Christmas seems much less hectic than Black Friday.. but I assure you it's just the same, maybe even worse! Downtown San Francisco was PACKED with people left and right. And it was a combination of tourists who are vacationing in SF, tourists who drove up to SF just to shop, and of course, local shoppers. These local shoppers include teenagers who are crazy about shopping, Asian women, mostly mothers, who love sales and are buying for family members, and very late gift people who are only buying gifts now for their friends and family. Anyway, I mainly wanted to go check out Gap because my best friend works there and I never really 'visited' her yet. Little did I know that I would walk out of Gap, an hour later with $60 worth of stuff!! They were having a 50% off all sale items deal! So all the lowest marked price on the item was an additional 50% off! It's actually a very popular deal, as I know that Urban Outfitters has that same sale, even when it's not the holiday season. Afterwards, I met up with le boyfriend to walk around downtown and maybe shop a little more, although I was pretty set with stuff. We hopped on the metro and went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. Then went home where I gave him his Christmas gifts (an Inheritance book, AA hoodie, Creative Rec shoes) and then at 10PM my best friend got off work and we went to get some dessert! Overall a well spent day.
More picture haul tomorrow!

Striped cable sweater: $15 Original $60 (purchased)

The perfect shirt: $16 original $50
The perfect shirt in White. (purchased)
This book looked so good I wish I bought it! I LOVE macarons!
Le boyfriend and moi at Union Square Christmas Tree. We were wondering how they got it there... And maybe recycled every year? Who knows! Haha.

Garlic Naan

Lamb Curry and Chicken Biryani
Mango Shaved Ice! This is called Snow Ice and the texture of it is so thin, it's like flaky and so smooth I can't even describe it! A must try in San Francisco and Los Angeles has a lot of it too!! This one here is topped with condensed milk, mangoes, lychee jelly, and gummy bears (because my best friend wanted it)

Monday, December 26, 2011

a fresh start

I guess my first official post will start off with what I did yesterday. Yesterday, December 25, was Christmas, common American holiday. I spent it with family. In the morning we took pictures with our Christmas tree and unwrapped gifts! My brother received an abundance of puzzles, his favorite. After, we went to the park to walk around with my grandparents because it was a very nice day. Then we went to eat lunch at this amazing dumpling restaurant that we ALWAYS go to. I love that Chinese restaurants are almost always open on Christmas! Then we went home and I baked a peach strudel which disastrously exploded in the oven but it was still yummy. And I also tried to make some brownies with peppermint oreos in the middle. Then we had Christmas dinner in the evening which is always good. Pictures below!

Fried dumplings

Shanghai Dumplings

Salted Meat Fried Rice
Shanghai Fried Rice Cakes (must have!)

Oreo Centered Brownie Cupcakes getting ready for the second layer!

And so it begins...

For whoever I have shared this blog with, or for whoever actually reads my blog all the way back to the beginning; hello.

Here I begin another day of blogging, as I have been for the past five years. Yes, I have been blogging since I was thirteen years old. It was a fun thing I decided to try out with some of my friends. Who knew I would stick with it until now, as a second year college student.

But this time it is different. I am writing a post in a whole different blog of mine. One that I have chosen to write for the public to read, if that even happens at all... I have been a very avid reader of other people's blogs, mainly food and fashion. Those are my main interests and I have had my fair share of experiences to share in those areas as well.

I don't think I will be dedicating any more time to blogging than usual. Instead, I will be writing about more meaningful things that I can share with the world. If that works out at all.

This blog is not really intended for anybody in particular. It's something new and different for me to do instead of my typical personal blogs. The picture qualities will not be that of the level of fancy cameras, but enough to serve its purpose. I may have 2 readers, I may have more. All I can do is hope something good will come out of this, even if it is simply a feeling of joy. Which is more than enough for me.

Only time will tell.