Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas!

Yesterday I went downtown to see if anything was good at any of the stores. After Christmas seems much less hectic than Black Friday.. but I assure you it's just the same, maybe even worse! Downtown San Francisco was PACKED with people left and right. And it was a combination of tourists who are vacationing in SF, tourists who drove up to SF just to shop, and of course, local shoppers. These local shoppers include teenagers who are crazy about shopping, Asian women, mostly mothers, who love sales and are buying for family members, and very late gift people who are only buying gifts now for their friends and family. Anyway, I mainly wanted to go check out Gap because my best friend works there and I never really 'visited' her yet. Little did I know that I would walk out of Gap, an hour later with $60 worth of stuff!! They were having a 50% off all sale items deal! So all the lowest marked price on the item was an additional 50% off! It's actually a very popular deal, as I know that Urban Outfitters has that same sale, even when it's not the holiday season. Afterwards, I met up with le boyfriend to walk around downtown and maybe shop a little more, although I was pretty set with stuff. We hopped on the metro and went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. Then went home where I gave him his Christmas gifts (an Inheritance book, AA hoodie, Creative Rec shoes) and then at 10PM my best friend got off work and we went to get some dessert! Overall a well spent day.
More picture haul tomorrow!

Striped cable sweater: $15 Original $60 (purchased)

The perfect shirt: $16 original $50
The perfect shirt in White. (purchased)
This book looked so good I wish I bought it! I LOVE macarons!
Le boyfriend and moi at Union Square Christmas Tree. We were wondering how they got it there... And maybe recycled every year? Who knows! Haha.

Garlic Naan

Lamb Curry and Chicken Biryani
Mango Shaved Ice! This is called Snow Ice and the texture of it is so thin, it's like flaky and so smooth I can't even describe it! A must try in San Francisco and Los Angeles has a lot of it too!! This one here is topped with condensed milk, mangoes, lychee jelly, and gummy bears (because my best friend wanted it)

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