Monday, December 26, 2011

a fresh start

I guess my first official post will start off with what I did yesterday. Yesterday, December 25, was Christmas, common American holiday. I spent it with family. In the morning we took pictures with our Christmas tree and unwrapped gifts! My brother received an abundance of puzzles, his favorite. After, we went to the park to walk around with my grandparents because it was a very nice day. Then we went to eat lunch at this amazing dumpling restaurant that we ALWAYS go to. I love that Chinese restaurants are almost always open on Christmas! Then we went home and I baked a peach strudel which disastrously exploded in the oven but it was still yummy. And I also tried to make some brownies with peppermint oreos in the middle. Then we had Christmas dinner in the evening which is always good. Pictures below!

Fried dumplings

Shanghai Dumplings

Salted Meat Fried Rice
Shanghai Fried Rice Cakes (must have!)

Oreo Centered Brownie Cupcakes getting ready for the second layer!

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