Friday, December 30, 2011

Matcha (Green Tea) Swiss Roll with Red Bean Filling

Hello anybody who is reading!
The other day, I made a green tea jelly roll cake. It was my second time making it and I was determined to make it better! I used this recipe : Matcha Roll Cake and it worked out perfectly! For the filling, instead of just using a plain cream filling, I added a can of red beans because my family loves red bean! Also, there is a local bakery that makes green tea swiss roll with red bean filling, so that was what inspired me to bake one myself! I figured we would save money and it would be very fresh! (as opposed to who knows how long the cakes in the bakery has been sitting there for!)
And for dinner I made spinach and mushroom quiche! A family favorite! :)

Dry Ingredients
I'm not a big fan of sifting.. but it REALLY does work! This recipe called for sifting the dry ingredients THREE times and let me tell you, it makes a huge difference!! Last time I didn't sift at all and it was just a bad texture. Just look at these pictures and you can see the difference! This was after sifting once...
Sifting twice...
Sifted the third time! Looks so good I don't wanna touch!
Egg Yolks
Egg Whites Not too dry
Pour batter...
Super springy! Fresh out of the oven for 8 minutes exact
Spreading the red bean cream.. yummm
Voila! A little breakage.. but that's cause I was so excited!!
Quiche for Dinner!

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