Friday, December 30, 2011

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Seduction

Just a quick post about my recent purchase! This is Victoria's Secret Bombshell Seduction Perfume! It is limited edition and I thought it was gone but I checked two of the stores in my city and they are well in stock! AND AT 50% OFF!! I purchased the perfume for 26$ plus tax. They also have the body mist and lotion! If you are a fan of the bombshell line then you probably are well aware of this already, but if not, I recommend you run to your closest VS store and snag yours right away!

Now the review: The Bombshell original perfume is so perfect. In my opinion, it is the perfect mix of floral and fruity, which I love! There has been two other limited edition bombshell perfumes this past year- summer and temptation. All of the limited editions are a twist of the original. Summer is more tropical, temptation is more floral, and I would say seduction is more clean/fresh. On the label it says it has notes of Velvet magnolia, warm musk and sparkling grapefruit. I think it is more for older women since it is more musky.. but I don't know! It's quite indescribable!

I love it a lot and am looking forward to and hoping for more bombshell perfumes!! Thanks for reading! Hope this review was good :)

PS le boyfriend loves this scent too! :)

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