Thursday, January 5, 2012

It has been 5 days..

Since my last post.. And I'll be honest when I say that not much has happened.
I bought new boots from Cathy Jean. They are pretty nice and what I have been looking for all winter long! They are, however, a bit tight on the toes so I'm not sure what to think of that... Hopefully they will stretch out a bit maybe? I doubt it though.
Also, the Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale is going on right now! I bought some underwear for $4 each and a bra for $17 and a body mist for $5. Pretty good, in my opinion because I rarely by Victoria's Secret items at full price. It's so much worth it when you buy at the semi annual sale!

On December 29, my boyfriend went to an Avicii concert in SF. We are both very big fans of him because he is a very good DJ and his songs are amazing! This show was sold out and I was lucky to have bought tickets within the first hour they came out back in October I believe. I must say that I had high hopes for this concert and they were definitely fulfilled! His set was simply amazing. I knew almost all the songs and the last song was my all time favorite Avicii song - Don't give up on us (enough is enough). It was overall a very good time! Pictures Attached! (I didn't really take many pictures they were mostly videos hehe)

Simple Outfit - Sequin Black and Silver Skirt, black tights, black thigh high fake suede boots, a black bustier with criss crossed back detailing (not pictured)
Full Face Makeup
eye makeup - simple plum smokey eye
Sign outside!

Me and le bf! (edited hehe)

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