Friday, January 13, 2012

January 12, 2012

Just a quick blog because I felt like writing.
I slept until 11 today and woke up and got ready to go to work at 12. I just ate a cheesestick and Greek yogurt. Work was slow and boring.
Oh, by the way, I work at the college events office. They plan events and commencement and I am a student worker who runs errands and inputs data. Easy. It is a pretty relaxing job and my bosses are very nice.
I got off at 5 and went back to my apartment. Then I met up with my boyfriend who got off work at 6. We went to get food from a Japanese restaurant. Then we went back to his apartment and ate it and watched an episode of Southpark. He had to go out to do stuff for his fraternity and I just took a nap. I have been on stumbleupon for the past hour and half or so. I found so many inspiring websites/blogs!
I really really really want to eat healthier this year. I think it will be beneficial for me because I can save money and I can treat my body better. I looked at some pictures from last year before I went to college and I was pretty fit and maybe 10 pounds lighter. I wish I could go back to that body. I think I can.. with commitment, dedication, and motivation. :)
In terms of running, I have been running every day... well, except today. I guess it's not as exciting once you've ran at alongside beaches and lakes.. lol here I just run the track and the only scenery I see is bright lights, stands, and a lot of people playing soccer or frisbee on the field.

So to do within the next few weeks/by the end of the month:
1.Establish a good exercise/running/sleeping routine and schedule, while still balancing school of course.
2. Eat better: find easy and healthy recipes. Go grocery shopping before every week and make sandwiches or salads for lunch every day.

This time it's all me. I'm finally doing this! :D

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