Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5, 2012 Recap and Running overview

This morning I went to Japantown to buy a few things. I bought hair dye for my hair! I use this Japanese brand called Palty. It has a LOT of chemicals.. but this is my 8th box I've bought and I guess I'm just scared to buy other dyes lol! But it works for my hair and is not completely damaging so I'm okay with it.. Hopefully this is my last time I'll color my hair because I'm so addicted to dying my hair! I say that I'll stop every time, but it never ends up working hehe. I first discovered this brand because a high school classmate who dyed her hair a lot recommended it to me. She said it is good for Asian hair (well, it IS a Japanese brand) and doesn't damage as much (yeah right..) But it really does work great for me! I HAVE in fact, tried American drugstore brands and they didn't really work for me at all. I've never dyed my hair a dramatically different colored hair but have gone light brown enough that when the roots grew out, it was VERY obvious and not attractive at all!

After lunch, I went running with my boyfriend around Lake Merced, which is about a 4.5 mile run according to online. One of my major goals this break was to run more, and I didn't want to be lonely so I dragged my boyfriend with me on all my runs, but he doesn't protest because he likes the exercise too :) He is also a good encouragement because he runs the entire way and I can only do half run half walk :( We have been running everyday for a week now and I must say it feels great! I honestly look forward to running the next day and I'm sad that when I go back to LA we will only have the track to run around. We choose a different place every day to get some variety and different scenery! My boyfriend has never been to any of the places we went before so I thought that running in those places are a good way to show him around new areas while burning some calories!

We have been to Lake Merced and the beach a few times, and stow lake inside Golden Gate Park. We have always tried to go in the mornings but find it very hard to wake up lol... So we go at around 3-4PM and finish by 5 just before sunset! Tomorrow we plan to go to the beach again but on the Cliff House side so we can take a walk around the area also afterwards! I really hope that we keep up this running back in LA though!!

Beautiful beach view just before sunset!


  1. Hi Amy, interesting blog you have. I hope you're doing well on your running goal. I've been running for 3 years now. THought i give you some FYI if you are intersted. Try to incorporate "strength traning" as well it will help tone your body. Also try not to run too much or else youwill end up with joint injuries. And protein AFTER rnning to refuel your muscles. :)

    Best of luck to you. :)

    1. Hey Jing! Thanks for your comment and advice! :) I really want to try to run better and I love your blog too :)