Monday, January 9, 2012

Some Random Nice Pictures

Crepe Temptations! Savory Crepe with bacon, avocado, cheese, and carmelized onions. Such a good late night snack!
Fluffy Snow! Green Tea Shaved Ice and the texture is so smooth and perfect. It's not icy but very creamy and light and fluffy! So indescribable you must try yourself! Toppings: Condensed milk, boba, and strawberry mochi
Beach pics after running :)
Running in the afternoon and finishing right before the sun sets! Perfect timing, I miss this! And bf is posing haha
Do you see the bird? I wanted to catch it at the right moment haha.

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  1. oh my! the food tha you have posted here just looks so yummy, and the beach photos make me long for summer!

    <3 rae