Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ramble: Dream Job

My parents have always loved looking at houses. From when I was young, they took me to model homes all the time. I think that is when I started having a passion for interior design.

My dream job has always been interior designer. Since high school, I had always wanted to become an architect when I grew up. However, that soon ended when I realized how much work it was and how much time commitment was required. Many of my friends dropped out of architecture during their first semester in college, so that scared me even more. I decided to venture towards the more technical road.. aka civil engineering.. and let's say that hasn't been the best idea either..

Anyway.. my ideal dream job is interior design. Not my practical job, but one that would be my dream job. That and pastry chef haha. In order to satisfy my dream, I thought why not just make a hobby out of it and I can get inspiration from it as well. Social media sites such as tumblr and pinterest make it so easy for eye candy nowadays. So I did it. I created a blog devoted to interior design and created a pinterest devoted to the same thing. I hope this will go a while and won't just be a phase. I am so looking forward to my own house and apartment.



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