Friday, July 13, 2012

Kitty Tales: My First Kitten Supplies

Welcome to Kitty Tales: My first kitten supplies!
Here are some of my "starter" supplies that I have purchased recently.
Please excuse me if I look distracted at some parts.. my little kitten was crawling all over me!
I know this is a long video but annotations tell you what time to skip to if you want to see food, toys, litter, or my carrier! :)
AND my kitten climbed all over the chairs and my lap so there are some really funny moments with him in them! :D

Great site for Cat stuff:
Top Picks- Premium Canned Kitten food:

Products mentioned:
Fancy Feast Kitten Turkey
Nutro Natural Choice Kitten (not shown but mentioned)
Wellness Core Kitten Canned food
Wellness Core Kitten Dry food
Felidae Cat and Kitten Formula with Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, and Ocean Fish
Dr Elsey's Precious Cat Kitten Attract Litter

Misc toys
Mice from Petco
Target Boots & Barkley multi pack cat toys
Da Bird Toy: Very popular and I recommend!
Frolicat Bolt Interactive Laser Toy

Products can be found on amazon, petco, pet smart, or any local pet store!

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