Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My weekend: Golden Gate Bridge

Hello! Just a quick post to share some pictures from my weekend hike by the beach and Golden Gate Bridge. I went along Baker Beach, which is a beautiful beach with many picnic sites. This is one of the more popular beaches along the San Francisco coastline because the sand is nicer and the weather is a little better on this side. (As opposed to more south of the Pacific coastline where it is very dirty, rocky, and foggy often) And if you are a non-San Franciscan reading my blog... San Francisco beaches are in no condition for people to swim in! Although there are surfers often, the water is much too cold and dangerous. Santa Cruz Beach area is much nicer and I will be going there in a few weeks actually!

Anyway, I also like Baker Beach because it is historic. There are some forts that still remain there. If you continue walking from the beach on trails leading to the Golden Gate Bridge, you can pass the Presidio which has many old barracks from the past. The trail to the bridge is not difficult and has a very nice view. The bridge itself is beautiful and this year it is the 75th year of building!

They completely redid the Golden Gate Bridge entrance area, which has a gift store and cafe. There is also a bike trail that is very useful.

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