Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wednesday Workout!

Day one on my workout plan!
Went on the elliptical for 30 minutes. Watched a show that had something to do with planning weddings so I had a lot of fun watching that!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New shower curtains

Bought some new shower curtains recently because my old ones were super ugly..

Bought this from Ross for only $4 with tax! Excellent quality and I love the cute striped pattern and color scheme!

Ross actually has a lot of nice and high quality shower curtains (see first two pictures below) so I definitely recommend going there if you are on a budget!

Not just for curtains, but for any home decor in general! I love shopping the home decoration section in Ross. They are very stylish and inexpensive. I take from my mom because she loves going to Ross and a lot of items in our house is from that store. One time, she actually went to 3 or 4 different Ross stores to track down a rug she really wanted! :)

September Birchbox Haul

Monday, September 24, 2012

Blog I love: Skinny Taste

Being a college student, I try to cook as much as I can to stay healthy. But sometimes it is just very difficult to and finding recipes that budget friendly and don't need a whole lot of ingredients is sometimes a pain.

Until I discovered this blog! It's called Skinnytaste and the writer/cook, Gina, does a great job at providing recipes that are good for everybody! They are all very nutritional and low calorie. The pictures make it look so simple and yummy!

There are a variety of recipes with pastas, salads, chicken, lamb, desserts, sandwiches, dressings, dips and much much more!

Blog is

Check it out! I will definitely be cooking a lot of these and posting them as I go!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pasta Salad

Made some pasta salad last week for a party! It is a very simple recipe. 

Pasta of your choice, I used fusili but feel free to use macaroni, spaghetti, penne
Cucumbers, sliced in quarters
Bell Pepper slices
Italian Dressing

Cook the pasta. Run it under cold water and drain. Dice the cucumbers and mix it into the cold pasta along with the sliced bell peppers. Then pour the Italian Dressing on top and mix! In terms of amount of dressing, you can guess how much to use and taste it as you pour it! Some people like more dressing and some people like it lighter.

That's it! Very simple. Feel free to use other raw veggies like tomatoes! Enjoy

Dash Fridays: Fat Cat

Friday, September 14, 2012

My wall decor

Hello! I was browsing the Ikea website over summer and came across this trio of paintings that I immediately fell in love with

When I bought my dresser (which will be in a next post) I thought why not buy these also! They were much larger than I expected! Which, considering the $40 price.. was not bad! And keep in mind it has 3 paintings that go very nicely together.

I used push pins to hold them up... And.. I think mine had a flaw because do you notice that the first and second paintings are supposed to have the branch go from one painting into the other? Didn't work for me even though the paintings were aligned! Oh well.. that's what happens with mass produced paintings. I still am over all satisfied!

Friday Dash: The Dash Life for me

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blog Rave: Something Like That Designs

Hello readers! It has been a while but I thought I would do more posts again...

Here is a quick post to let you all know about a newly discovered blog site!

If you recall, I have a passion for interior design. With just moving into my new apartment, I have been on a huge inspiration spree to find ideas for my new room! Browsing on pinterest, I saw this interior design blog called "Something Like That" and would love to share it!

I especially love her mood boards where she shows the furniture and accents she would use for the room. I also love the DIY ideas including a jewelry wall organizer and handbag storage organizer.

One big thing about her is that she is very thrifty and many people think that interior designing can cost A LOT because furniture is expensive! But Jennifer makes it so easy! She goes to thrift stores and shows how to create things yourself! I love it :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Organized my makeup!

For my new apartment room, I thought long and hard on how I wanted to organize my makeup collection and I have a lot more than I thought! I watched a lot of videos and browsed IKEA a lot. I didn't REALLY want a plastic storage container because I wanted something more sturdy. But I also wanted something that you could see through (so people could see my collection hehe)

I ended up getting this for $15 from IKEA. It's called LENNART

Can I just say that the drawers were pretty difficult to assemble.. There was this plastic peg thing that you have to press down really hard to snap the sides of the drawers together. It was very hard to do with your thumbs haha. But it's all done and I like it a lot!

Here is a picture of my drawers and of my eye makeup drawer. I will show more pictures as I organize my makeup a bit more!