Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blog Rave: Something Like That Designs

Hello readers! It has been a while but I thought I would do more posts again...

Here is a quick post to let you all know about a newly discovered blog site!

If you recall, I have a passion for interior design. With just moving into my new apartment, I have been on a huge inspiration spree to find ideas for my new room! Browsing on pinterest, I saw this interior design blog called "Something Like That" and would love to share it!

I especially love her mood boards where she shows the furniture and accents she would use for the room. I also love the DIY ideas including a jewelry wall organizer and handbag storage organizer.

One big thing about her is that she is very thrifty and many people think that interior designing can cost A LOT because furniture is expensive! But Jennifer makes it so easy! She goes to thrift stores and shows how to create things yourself! I love it :)

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