Monday, October 29, 2012

Boiling Point Hot Pot

This past Saturday I went to Boiling Point Restaurant, which is a Taiwanese hot pot place! I had expected a pot of soup and raw ingredients that you dip into the soup yourself and cook. But instead, I was pleased to see that they give you little stovetops with the pot filled with soup and already all the ingredients cooking right there! You can adjust the spicy levels which is great! And you can add on as much toppings as you want for extra charge of course.
Here is the website with their menu and pictures!

Above: House Special Soup. Tiny SpicyNappa Cabbage, Fermented Tofu, Pork Sliced, Enoki Mushroom, Kamaboko, Meatball, Clam, Quail Egg, Pork Blood, Pork Intestine, Green Nira, Salty Veggies, Tomato. It was delicious! It had fermented tofu AKA Stinky tofu.. Not good for my taste unless you like it haha

My Bf ordered: Beef hot soup. Medium Spicy (spicy but manageable) Nappa Cabbage, Vermicelli, Beef Sliced, Enoki Mushroom, Tomato, Firm Tofu, Tempura, Corn, Meatball, Kamaboko, Fired Tofu Skin, Imitation Crabstick

He also ordered ramen as an add - on!

Here is what it looked like with the little stove tops! All these come with a bowl of rice. And there are 3 sauces: chili oil, soy sauce, fermented bean sauce

Brand Review: Aveeno Cleansers

My skin is dry sensitive

Products Mentioned:
Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser
Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser
Aveeno Daily Scrub
Aveeno Positively Nourishing Calming Body Wash

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nails of the Week: Revlon Velvet Rope

Nails of the Week! Loving this deep red color :) I Highly recommend it and the top coat called Seche Vite

Friday, October 26, 2012

Santouka Ramen

Went to an amazing ramen place recently! you can check out my yelp review here

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shanghai Pasta

Hello lovelies! Tonight I cooked Shanghai Pasta! It is a childhood favorite because my best friend's dad used to cook it all the time for her and I would taste some of hers during lunchtime at school hehe. It is a very simple dish with good flavor! Usually it includes bell peppers and shrimp but my boyfriend doesn't eat those so this was without those! 
1. Boil Pasta (any kind)
2. Stir fry string beans with chopped garlic. Cook longer and add some water if you like beans softer

3. Add sausages (this is optional! We used this instead of shrimp or chicken)

4. Combine them and cook together

5. Make sauce: 2 Tsp soy sauce, 1 tsp sesame oil, a few scoops of plum sauce (I eyeballed this one because I loveeeee plum sauce. It's the main flavor in this dish) and hot sauce is optional!

6. Drain the pasta well and add it into the veggies and meat and mix.

7. Add the sauce and mix well!

Easy! Let me know if you have any questions :)

Secret to Lash Curling: The Beauty Department

This is a great way to curl your lashes! I always just crimp my lashes and press once.. And sometimes it doesn't look like I did anything at all. Also another good way is to pinch at the base and then pinch again at the center and then again at the tip!

2012 October Birchbox Haul!!

To keep it short, I didn't like this month's Birchbox

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Myyyy OCTOBER MyGlam Baaaagg!

I LOOOVEEEEE the myglam back this month!  Check out the video to see the lovely samples I got this month! All for $10!

Daiso Japan

I love the store Daiso Japan! They have locations in the Bay Area and in Los Angeles area. It is basically a Japanese dollar store except most things are $1.50 (some are $4-10 depending on the item). It is a great place to get little gifts and knick knacks. A lot of the stuff are useless or poor quality but because they are so cheap people love to buy them! And some of them are very very cute looking! It's a good place to get house supplies (sponges, sweepers, bathroom accessories), storage boxes and files, office supplies, and basically everything you can imagine. I love just looking at all the cool stuff. Japanese people can be so clever.

I thought this cart was so cute. The basket is removable. You just put it on the little trolley. And if you notice the sign.. $1.00 each for that section!

Super Cute sponges! Do they even work well?!? haha

I took this picture specifically for my friend who loves baking. These are cupcake liners.

Toilet seat cover! I almost bought this but then put it away because it really is useless. Maybe next time though...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Okonomiyaki Restaurant

Hi Friends! I was craving Okonomiyaki the other day so my boyfriend and I decided to go to this place in Torrance called "Gaja" that is known for cooking their okonomiyaki right in front of you! Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake with cabbage, ginger, and whatever toppings you want inside! The three pictured are three mini okonomiyaki (still so big for minis) and they have pork, spicy fish roe, and squid as the toppings in each! It was so yummy and fun to cook and flip! You can also put on your own sauce (mayonnaise, dried bonito, seaweed, katsu sauce). I definitely recommend everybody to try okonomiyakis! Most Japanese restaurants (usually not sushi ones) have them!

Been sick all week

Hi Readers

Apologies for the sudden break.. I have been sick all week and slowly am recovering. Will be sure to update soon!  :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

September Non-Beauty Favorites!

Check out my video of September Non-Beauty Favorites!

Products mentioned:
Bath and Body Works Candle - Paris Amour ($20)
Luna Bar Chocolate Covered Coconut (box of 6 for $4)
Target Brand Mutlivitamin for Women ($8)
Trader Joe's Omega 3 ($10)
Infinity Bracelet (gift)
Nike Free Runs ($60 on sale from Nike but normally around$100)
Kate Spade Sunglasses ($70 from Solstice)

How To: Store Your Perfume Samples!

Hi everybody! Watch the video to see how I store my perfume samples! I use subscription sites such as MyGlam (now Ipsy) and Birchbox and with my monthly packages I receive a lot of beauty samples, including perfume samples!! I have so many lying around that I didn't want them to be disorganized and I wanted to have a place for them where I could actually see it often and use them. So I thought of this idea! Please check out my video to see what I store them in! Please feel free to subscribe to my channel as well and I will have more storage tips and ideas! Let me know how you store your perfume samples or any other beauty product in general!!!

Henri Bendel Fig Candle

Hi Everybody! As most of you know, I absolutely LOVE candles! One of my close friends Victoria gave me this wonderful smelling candle! I love it so much! I never knew Henri Bendel sells candles so I was very excited to see this and they are inexpensive. Check out thier website for more scented candles. This one smells so nice. It smells very fresh and not strong at all. It has a citrus/lemon scent and I cannot wait to light it in my room! Thank you so much Vic! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dinner: Stuffed Chicken with Cheese and Broccoli

Attempt number one at this recipe... Cut the chicken to small! :( I'll try again next time! 

Makeup to do: Mini False Lashes

I really want to try this out! Being an Asian girl, I am blessed with sparse and thin eyelashes both top and bottom! Most people apply mascara to the bottom lashes but I usually save the trouble because they smudge easily or I just don't think it even makes a huge difference!

Saw this at The Beauty Department website (which I highly recommend) and will definitely try it out sometime!

  1. Grab a pack of mini lashes at your local beauty supply store or online here. With slanted tweezers (or your fingers), gently pull out a lash cluster so it’s ready to go.
  2. Add a dollop of lash glue to the top of the package (or the back of your hand) and allow two full minutes for the glue to get tacky (this helps prevent the lash clusters from turning on their sides or sliding down).
  3. Pick up the lash cluster with your tweezers by pinching the end of one of the lashes. Turn it “backwards” or opposite of how you found it in the packaging then dip the knot of the cluster directly in the glue.
  4. With the cluster still backwards so that it curves inward towards your skin, slide each lash cluster in between your own lashes and place it directly on the lash line. I sometimes do 4 clusters on the outside corners of each eye, or I really go for it with 8 clusters all the way across each eye.

Instant Cat Toy: The Shopping bag!

Here is my 5 months old kitten playing with a plastic bag! He just loves it so much ! Stay tuned for another shopping bag video coming up soon!

What  simple items/toys do your cats like to play with??

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nails of the Week: Rose Gold

If you saw my Birchbox September Haul, you know that I received this nail polish! It is by color club and is a rose-gold color. I love the texture of it and one coat did the job! It was really difficult to catch the true color of it since it was so metallic and shiny! But I tried my best with the lighting I had!