Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daiso Japan

I love the store Daiso Japan! They have locations in the Bay Area and in Los Angeles area. It is basically a Japanese dollar store except most things are $1.50 (some are $4-10 depending on the item). It is a great place to get little gifts and knick knacks. A lot of the stuff are useless or poor quality but because they are so cheap people love to buy them! And some of them are very very cute looking! It's a good place to get house supplies (sponges, sweepers, bathroom accessories), storage boxes and files, office supplies, and basically everything you can imagine. I love just looking at all the cool stuff. Japanese people can be so clever.

I thought this cart was so cute. The basket is removable. You just put it on the little trolley. And if you notice the sign.. $1.00 each for that section!

Super Cute sponges! Do they even work well?!? haha

I took this picture specifically for my friend who loves baking. These are cupcake liners.

Toilet seat cover! I almost bought this but then put it away because it really is useless. Maybe next time though...

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