Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Makeup to do: Mini False Lashes

I really want to try this out! Being an Asian girl, I am blessed with sparse and thin eyelashes both top and bottom! Most people apply mascara to the bottom lashes but I usually save the trouble because they smudge easily or I just don't think it even makes a huge difference!

Saw this at The Beauty Department website (which I highly recommend) and will definitely try it out sometime!

  1. Grab a pack of mini lashes at your local beauty supply store or online here. With slanted tweezers (or your fingers), gently pull out a lash cluster so it’s ready to go.
  2. Add a dollop of lash glue to the top of the package (or the back of your hand) and allow two full minutes for the glue to get tacky (this helps prevent the lash clusters from turning on their sides or sliding down).
  3. Pick up the lash cluster with your tweezers by pinching the end of one of the lashes. Turn it “backwards” or opposite of how you found it in the packaging then dip the knot of the cluster directly in the glue.
  4. With the cluster still backwards so that it curves inward towards your skin, slide each lash cluster in between your own lashes and place it directly on the lash line. I sometimes do 4 clusters on the outside corners of each eye, or I really go for it with 8 clusters all the way across each eye.


  1. i'm too scared to apply falsies haha :(

    1. I used to be so scared too!! Haha, and then after watching some videos and learning tips on how to apply them I'm very used to it now! It all comes with practice :) I may post some tips on how to apply falsies! :)