Monday, November 19, 2012

Tasty Duck

Celebrated my friend's birthday with 11 other girls at a restaurant called Tasty Duck. If you want a good traditional Chinese style meal, come here!I came with a group of 13 people and we all devoured our 10 dish meal. I didn't do the ordering but my friend did and I believe it was some kind of set menu that included: 

The traditional duck platter you see in all the pictures on this review. Very tasty and a must order. Keep in mind duck is super fatty for all your health conscious folks. The duck platter comes with a rice wrap tortilla style thing and you just put the duck in it and some sauce and veggies and eat it like a cute little Chinese style burrito. 

Another cold meat platter that included cold white chicken (a Chinese classic dish), jellyfish, beef, and some veggies

Soup - nothing special, just light soup Shrimp and veggies that was nothing special
Sea Cucumber - SO GOOD if you have never tried it before it is pretty unique. It's kind of a jelly/mushroom consistency.. not sure how to explain it
Mushroom and veggies (one of my favorites!) 
Eel and sticky rice - very good and popular among yelpers also as I noticed
Pumpkin stuffed boneless chicken - Didn't really like it that much
Steamed Fish - Soy sauce, scallions, parsley, ginger. Also a Classic Chinese Dish and I highly recommend this at most Chinese restaurants. The fish is so smooth and melts in your mouth.
Stir Fried Bean Sprout veggies - nothing special
Dessert soup - nothing special. Most Chinese restaurants serve different dessert soups. This one had sweet rice and egg in it. 

Paid about $25 per person for this meal. 

Very traditional: the decor has a lot of Chinese paintings, furniture, plates. Even the servers are dressed in traditional Chinese attire. 


Cold meat platter: White chicken, beef slices, pickled jellyfish

Full table!

Sea cucumber- personal favorite

Eel over sticky fried rice - VERY GOOD

Steamed fish: a Chinese classic

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