Monday, December 17, 2012

HAUL: Wildfox Couture, Bath and Body Works, Express

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On Friday I went to a WILDFOX COUTURE SAMPLE SALE!!! It was so much fun and crazy! I promised myself that I wouldn't go too crazy but saw everybody else with bags and bags of goodies!

Their sweats were $30 as opposed to the usual $100+ that they retail for!
White label were $50 as opposed to the usual $200+!! And tanks and tees were $15 which is a great deal!!

I bought two baggy beach jumpers for a total of $60. They each retail for about $110 though! (I looked it up)

Tips about these kind of sample sales:
  • go early because that is when all the good stuff is still there! 
  • Beware of lines though! 
  • Wear a tank top under your clothes so that you can try clothes on out in the open (since there isn't a dressing room) 
  • Grab as many items as you can that you like at first and then go through them at the very end to sort through the ones you love and want and ones you don't want.
  • Bring Cash just in case because some sample sales are cash only! (this one accepted card though)

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