Saturday, February 16, 2013

Santouka Ramen

Here are some pictures from Santouka Ramen! These are all taken at different times. Hope your mouth waters! There are very high yelp reviews of this place and I think it is my favorite ramen restaurant in Southern California.
Combos are worth it. This is Soy Sauce Ramen with a bowl of rice with green onions and seaweed flakes over it. 

My boyfriend LOVES the Spicy Miso Ramen (Large Size) with pork over rice. This is delicious! The spicy is very tolerable spicy.

Tonight we went again and Desmond got his usual and I got the Salt Ramen combination with Natto Beans over rice!!

This picture is for my Dad! Hi Dad if you're reading this, this reminded me of you since you love this dish so much! It tasted very good. Desmond thought it was gross though.. I must say this dish is something not everybody will like. 

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