Monday, June 10, 2013

Food Catch Up

Hi Everybody!

Thanks so much for hanging in there and being patient with me. I've been SOOOOO busy and just haven't found much time to blog! I definitely will be posting more over the summer along with YouTube videos so stay tuned! Thanks for the continued support and patience!

Here are some food catch up pics to keep you hungry!

Egg on toast

I LOVE EGGS BENEDICT! This was smoked salmon eggs benedict

Desmond and I tried out this Korean Soup restaurant. It was really good comfort food. Perfect for a cold day! I would compare it to Chinese Congee. Soup, some noodles, beef tongue, green onions. Sides of kimchee and spicy radish. You add salt to it to taste!

Mixed up ! Beef tongue so good

Taiwanese style pork belly with sides

Taiwanese style Five Spice Chicken with sides

This is a really popular Korean dish. Beef stew and it has a sweet teriyaki taste to it. It cost about $30 for just this dish alone! But definitely worth it. The wait to this particular restaurant was also long!

I love Korean sides

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